Dog Sitter Butterfly90 in New York.

Dog Sitter — 10032 New York
10032 New York
30 years  |  2 years Experience  |  From 8$ per hour
Dog Sitter Butterfly90 in New York

As a student, currently in high school, I'm flexible in time and willing to do various activities with pleasure around her pet. I grew up with dogs and cats. I miss the handling of dogs very much, currently there is still a wonderful Persian cat in my home. I like to represent people and support them with their animals. I have experience in handling animals and believe that I would therefore be a good support. In addition, I like to be in nature and would be happy to go for long walks. It would be a great pleasure for me to have even more interaction with animals.

Dog Sitter
Daily exercise
Daily feeding
Animal transport
Pet training
Medicine administration
First aid for the animal
Cares about dogs
2 Years of experience
Car available
Mobility: Drives up to 4mi
Non smoking
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