Nursing Care

Find your appropriate nursing carer.


Nursing Care

Find your appropriate nursing carer.


Leisure support for a senior

Job for Eldercarers 60621 Chicago

Occasionally, from 08.01.2018
13$-25$ per hour

I am looking for my dad (82 years), mentally fit, walking on the rollator, but can not walk long distances, a male person who likes to chat, is a good listener and with him, for example. Coffee is drinking, sometimes go to the cemetery or sometimes in the hardware store or shopping u.s.w. , Since m... More

Activity for helpful people / company

Job for Eldercarers 10286 New York

10$-11$ per hour

As a versatile interested woman (259), handicapped, out of the house wheelchair user, I offer a friendly person who supports me helpfully, a job for 450, - â,¬ basis as an accompaniment to my activities.


Eldercarer 31196 Atlanta

Age: 32
10+ years experience
From 12$ per hour

I am currently on parental leave and looking for a small part-time job at flexible times. I have gained a lot of experience in caregiving. At 17, I have an FSJ


Eldercarer 10286 New York

Age: 25
7 years experience
From 20$ per hour

Hi, I'm Denis Jung, the owner of Pflegeservice Jung Healthcare Services. We started our care service in 2017 and currently have 5 employees.


Eldercarer 90189 Los Angeles

Age: 44
1 year experience
From 10$ per hour

Hamburg care service Denoa e.K is now looking for nursing staff and supervisors in Hamburg for use in high-net-worth households.


Eldercarer 75398 Dallas

Age: 30
1 year experience
From 5$ per hour

I would be happy to help you in everyday life, for example, if you need a driver's service to the doctor, to events or to attend public services.


Eldercarer 77299 Houston

Age: 51
4 years experience
From 10$ per hour

Hello, I am Jutta, 47 years non-smoker and offer my help in the area of ​​care for the elderly or care (leisure support) of disabled people.


Eldercarer 60701 Chicago

Age: 25
2 years experience
From 8$ per hour



Eldercarer 31196 Atlanta

Age: 25
From 10$ per hour

My name is Jessica, I'm 22 years old.