Job for Eldercarers in Chicago.


Job for Eldercarers in Chicago.

Job for Eldercarers — 60621 Chicago
60621 Chicago
56 years  |  13$-25$ per hour
Leisure support for a senior

I am looking for my dad (82 years), mentally fit, walking on the rollator, but can not walk long distances, a male person who likes to chat, is a good listener and with him, for example. Coffee is drinking, sometimes go to the cemetery or sometimes in the hardware store or shopping u.s.w. , Since my mother died recently, he is very lonely and needs urgent positive change. Two to three hours a week would be nice.

Desired details
Job for Eldercarers
Leisure companionship
Domestic services
Home nursing service
Home care
Desired availability
occasionally, from 08.01.2018
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